Business photography

Using photography within your website gives you the opportunity to showcase your products and services and can form part of your e-commerce website design plan.

The decision on whether a consumer will purchase one of your products often is led by the image of the product before the consumer looks at the description.  It is powerful and engaging images that leave the consumer wanting to make a purchase. 

It portrays an image of professionalism and confidence in the goods the consumer is looking to purchase.

Many companies use general stock photo images but these can be damaging to a business's reputation as they are not personal to the company and not to the same high standard as personalised photos. General stock photos can leave the impression of a lack in trust and whether the company actually exists. A consumer likes to see photos that look realistic.

We are proud to offer our clients a complete photography service which includes a fully functioned studio complete with lighting tents in order to take crisp photographs of your products for your website. In addition to this we will edit the photos using software such as Photoshop to ensure your photographs are of perfect quality.

In our approach to taking photographs for your company website or printed promotional items we choose backdrops that supplement your photo. Our attention to detail can be seen in each photo.

We are a creative agency London based, but also covering surrounding areas and can produce outstanding quality photographs that stands you out from the crowd.  

Our approach is to offer a service that is dedicated and enthusiastic in a relaxing atmosphere to achieve final results that are truly outstanding, that will leave your consumers wanting to make that all important purchase.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs.